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The Best Field Service Management Software Does 4 Jobs Well

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Colan Beare
best field service management software

We’re used to specialized programs that fill a niche gap or automate one process. Our phones are full of them. As they say, “there’s an app for that!”

Appliance repair software is often developed with a particular solution in mind. You can find plenty of inventory control software, route planning software, and other solutions on the market. However, it takes more than a focus on one business process to be the best field service management software in the industry.

Here are the four jobs your field service management software needs to perform — and perform well — if it aims to be considered the best.

1. Route Planning, Scheduling & Dispatch

Organizing calls with a dozen techs in the field is complicated work, and the best dispatch software has to offer you more than a manual calendar. The ideal solution will include a combination of:

  • A straightforward list of current calls to be scheduled
  • A live, interactive map of your service area
  • Color-coded map pins to help you see (and sort) call locations by technician
  • A daily calendar with rows for each technician’s schedule

Ideally, all of this should be visible on one page. It’s even better if you can drag and drop unassigned calls into the schedule and see them on the map right away. Other features — the ability to hold time-slots for PTO, a preview of routes and drive times, etc. — are welcome additions that dial up the efficiency and help CSRs and dispatchers make informed decisions.

2. Inventory Management

There’s no reason that route planning software has to be separate from inventory control software. The appliance service and repair industry relies on timely and accurate orders for parts with a clear view of what’s in stock or on each truck.  Inventory management overlaps with every service call. Help the parts department managers stay aligned with a solution that updates inventory in real-time with data from service calls and gives you valuable insights into:

  • Weekly cycle counts
  • Part usage by period
  • A log of inventory transitions
  • Part pricing calculation by brand
  • Physical counts and internal transfers (with a scanning workflow)

A clear view will put an end to stocking unnecessary parts or last-minute rush orders for parts that are out of stock. Your software needs to make reporting on inventory costs simple (and for that matter, reporting on accounts receivable, payroll, and more — but we digress).

3. Purchase Orders, Returns & Transfers

Purchase orders will overlap with service calls day in and day out. Technicians can accelerate your business processes — and keep customers happy — with on-the-job purchase orders, returns, or transfers that guarantee the right part is already on its way before they leave the home. The best field service management software will connect every service call directly to your inventory management and purchasing efforts.

4. Customer Service

Your loyal customer base is your best source of recurring revenue. Protect it with exceptional service and a consistent, reliable, personalized experience for every customer and caller. Your CSRs and technicians need to stay aligned on every service call. Make sure your software platform gives techs and CSRs alike access to all relevant details on contacts, calls, and service histories. When a tech updates a record in the field, the CSR needs to be able to see it in real-time on their end (and vice versa).

There are other conveniences that can help your customers enjoy working with your company, too, such as:

  • The ability to email invoices instantly while in the field
  • Service notifications that go out in advance to help customers confirm, reschedule, or cancel an appointment
  • A feature for technicians to accept payments while on-site

We Designed Walkabout to Handle Every Job

Walkabout is a field service management software solution that pulls all aspects of your business together. From instant invoicing and POs to call scheduling, route planning, and full service histories, Walkabout does it all. 

We designed our cloud-based software and its companion My Walkabout App to be the best field service management software for the appliance industry, and we’d love to show you how it works. Get in touch with our team and schedule a custom demo today to see for yourself!

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