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How to Keep Field Service Techs and CSRs in Perfect Alignment

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Colan Beare
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A customer calls your business up on the phone and speaks to a CSR. What happens next? The time between that phone call and the arrival of a tech on the scene (for an installation, checkup, or repair) can separate a great customer experience from a poor one. 

Your business needs to show consistency between the phone call, the dispatch process, and the technician’s expectations. The best way to reach that flawless alignment is with intuitive, easily accessed, and well-integrated software for field service management.

We designed Walkabout to bridge every gap and keep all aspects of your business interconnected — from call scheduling and inventory management to payments and invoicing — so that every member of your team is on the same page. Keep the whole team aligned from the call to the knock on the door.

Hand Techs a Convenient Mobile Tool

Technicians have a job to do. Help them stay in the loop and cut down on miscommunications with a simple, streamlined tool right in the palm of their hands. There’s nothing better for the job site than a familiar iOS or Android field service management app that they can open with a click on their phones. 

Techs can have confidence in their work with all relevant customer service history, scheduling info, and work order details ready to go. This info is fed directly from the system your CSRs are using to update and record customer requests on the phone back in the office.

Give Dispatchers Real-Time Insights & Control

Dispatchers have a lot to track. We all remember the old puzzle-piecing and chicken scratch on the whiteboard. Figuring out which techs were available, at what times, for the nearest jobs was a brain-tangler, to say the least. 

Nowadays, field service management apps and dispatching software like Walkabout streamline and accelerate the scheduling process with real-time updating maps and drag-and-drop scheduling. This is a great experience for customers, who can get scheduled while they’re still on the phone, and it’s a welcome relief for techs and dispatchers as well.

Help your team to schedule work quickly and efficiently with a visual call board and the current locations of all techs and scheduled calls on a live map. You can even use zones to map different service areas, customize the color or layout of the scheduler, color-code service calls, and more to make scheduling as simple and painless as possible.

Empower CSRs With Full Service History

Paper files and manual spreadsheets can get mixed up, lost, and absolutely devour your workday as you sort through them and keep them updated. When a loyal customer is on the phone now, you need information fast. Everything moves smoothly with an easy-to-navigate database that tracks and records all historical service information for all contacts whenever a CSR, tech, or anyone else interacts with them. Faster, more accurate service keeps customers happy (and keeps your CSR’s hair from falling out, too!).

With Walkabout, there’s no more re-keying of info to transfer it from one system to another. No need to maintain and clean up a mess of outdated spreadsheets. Every CSR sees everything that’s been completed, when, and by whom, which customers are enrolled in maintenance programs, who has subscribed to emails, and all other details related to each contact’s history. Any fresh notes or new visits are simple to schedule — and the technicians will automatically be able to see it from wherever they are.

My Walkabout Field Service App Keeps the Team Aligned

You can trust Walkabout to keep your business in perfect alignment. Our cohesive suite of tools integrates all field service management tasks for a smooth user experience.  Walkabout handles all aspects of field service operations:

  • Creation & Dispatch of Service Calls
  • GPS Directions
  • Reports & Inventory Management
  • Purchase Orders
  • Customer Management
  • Unlimited Photo Documentation
  • Payment Processing & Signature Authorization
  • Invoicing & AR Management
  • Warranty Entry & Submission
  • Live, U.S.-Based Support
  • And more!

Chat with our friendly team at Walkabout Software and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the platform’s capabilities. If you’re up to it, we’d also love to schedule a custom demo so that you can see for yourself how it will help to keep your business aligned.

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