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Service scheduling has never been so simple.

Avoid scheduling headaches with Walkabout’s smart scheduler. When you work with Walkabout, you never worry about inefficient route design, budgeting incorrectly for traffic, or CSRs having insufficient visibility. Our scheduling system automates all that and more to make your job easier.


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So how does it work?

The Walkabout scheduler is composed of three main parts, each designed to maximize the amount of information represented in the clearest format possible.

Walkabout Scheduler
On the left hand side, there is a list of reported service calls with their respective request dates and statuses.
Across the top, each service technician’s schedule for the day is visible, displaying their assigned calls and their availability openings.
At the bottom, there is a live, interactive map of the service area. The map provides a view of each technician’s real-time location as represented by a color-coded pin.

From this page, you can perform all relevant scheduling tasks, like blocking off time-slots when technicians are unavailable for calls due to obligations like meetings and doctor appointments.


Don’t know if that view is right for you? Don’t worry! Like so many Walkabout features, our scheduler is customizable.

You can also route plan! Our scheduling features and functions allow you to:

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Calculate drive-time to, from, and between service appointments

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Finalize a technicians’ service schedule by locking their route

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Sort routes by technician for a clear understanding of where everyone is spending their day

Assigning calls and creating schedules is simple with our scheduler’s drag and drop capabilities. The power to assign calls and set the length of an appointment is quite literally at the tips of your fingers.

Our scheduler provides easy navigation to the rest of the Walkabout field service management system. View notes about a call, review a customer’s service history, and more, all with a couple quick clicks.

Don’t wait—it’s time to lighten your team’s workload while keeping them aligned like never before with Walkabout’s smart automated scheduling system.


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