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We understand that owners of appliance repair companies often started as technicians; experts at fixing the customer's problem. However, when it comes to managing the business side, it's often a challenge. A day in the life of service is unpredictable and Walkabout helps owners make smart choices quickly. Relieving daily headaches open up opportunities to strategize the growth of your company. For example, you'll have time to work on your company's online presence and gain customer reviews. 


The My Walkabout app is the perfect companion for a technician to record his work. The freedom to create customers, calls, purchase orders, and take payments in crucial. Technicians can see the customer's history and diagnose a problem with more information. Customers are often impressed by the technology and the quick workflow the app provides the technician. Satisfy the customer with the help of the My Walkabout App.



Customers are often frustrated that their appliance is broken. We know that having the customer's information and history organized helps a CSR provide the best customer service they can. Document details about the work you've performed for a customer and build a relationship that will impress them and calm the situation. Adding new customer information is quick and easy. Another helpful tool is automated text and call confirmation. No more time wasted trying to get ahold of customers during their busy schedules. 


Create routes that cut down on drive time and make changes confidently with all the information needed. Use google to rearrange the call locations to find the most time effective route and then lock that technician's route so no changes can be made. Customize the scheduler with your own color scheme to help you see the information easiest for you.  Use color codes to organize the call by types. 


Inventory Managers

Keeping on top of inventory is one of the most important sides of a successful appliance service business. There are so many factors and our tools will help you determine the parts your team uses the most. No more stocking unnecessary parts that just get lost or broken.  Monitor the parts on technicians' trucks using cycle counts that will also help keep the inventory accurate. Purchase orders can be created for a service call to make sure the right part is taken for the job. 

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