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Why We Built a Field Service Management App For Small Businesses

Image of Colan Beare
Colan Beare
Field Service Management

Many people think of Walkabout as a software provider in the appliance field service industry. And we are. Our dedicated team is proud to offer a powerful and simple scheduling, inventory management, and dispatch software for small businesses.

But software isn’t where we started. It’s what we needed.

The Walkabout Story

A branch of our company still actively services appliances in the Cincinnati area, as it has since 1958. We’ve got deep roots in the field service industry. When it comes down to it, the Walkabout story probably sounds something like yours.

Many local appliance repair companies are owned by motivated folks who started out as technicians themselves. And it takes a lot of work to start a business and transition from working in the trenches to managing the whole operation. A lot of work.

Somewhere deep inside we knew it didn’t have to. The way we were doing things was, frankly, inefficient. There was too much to track in too many different places. It’s easy to get misaligned when new details are added to a service call or purchase order in one place but not in others — and keeping everything consistent between the office and the field means plenty of duplicated paperwork.

Like many businesses in our shoes, we found ourselves doing appliance work during the day and spending nights and weekends plunging through office work and trying to keep up. So we said no more. The missing piece was a simple, unified tool that could take our mess of work orders and spreadsheets, whiteboards and file cabinets, and bring it all together. 

Enter Walkabout, a comprehensive software designed for field servicers, by field servicers, with a specific focus on the appliance industry.

Why a Field Service Management App?

Walkabout is much more than the cloud-based platform your dispatchers and CSRs will use on computers around the office. One of the biggest gaps in field service management today is access to call and customer info while techs are out on the job.

The My Walkabout App was designed as the perfect mobile app for service technicians. Bridge the gap between the office and the field and keep your techs, CSRs, and dispatchers synchronized. With nothing but a phone in their pocket, techs will be able to:

  • Check customer histories ahead of time
  • Document all work performed (notes, photos, completion)
  • Create new customers or follow-up calls
  • Make purchase orders
  • Accept payments
  • Email invoices
  • Access their full schedule for the day
  • Navigate to the next call
  • See every detail the office sees, in real-time

Our field service management app brings full Android and iOS compatibility to the table, so that techs can access the Walkabout system the way they want — phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. It’s easy to move seamlessly between devices without losing any details or re-keying information.

At the same time, your back office will save oodles of hours on data entry and customer record management. Technicians accelerate the entire workflow by self-updating the call and handling purchase orders or invoices immediately, while still in the customer’s home. 

To Make a Long Story Short...

Our field service business needed an appliance repair app that drove efficiency across the company and kept things simple. So we built one! And now, we’re happy to make it available to other field servicers who need the same thing. 

It would be tough to find a free appliance repair business software with these capabilities, but no sweat: you can jump right into Walkabout on a free 30-day trial run and see for yourself whether it’s right for your business. Book a custom demo today to take a peek and start the conversation!

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