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How to Expand Your Business With Field Service Software

Image of Colan Beare
Colan Beare

Most home appliance businesses rely heavily on word of mouth as they grow. In a competitive industry, a job well done is your best marketing tool. Glowing referrals and reviews work wonders for increasing revenue as you slowly expand your team with office staff and additional technicians.

However, a carefully selected field service software platform can also go a long way towards supporting your growing business.

Excellent Service Starts In the Office

It’s common to rely on paper forms, digital spreadsheets, scheduling whiteboards, and other manual tools when you’re just getting started. We’ve been there, too. But at a certain point, these things end up costing you more money than they save and get in the way of your growth — especially if any clients fall through the cracks and experience frustration.

You’ll quickly expand your business with time-saving field service software that keeps everything organized and on track. Just think about what you’ll be able to accomplish after freeing up hours that used to go to data entry and bookkeeping. You could complete more jobs, talk with more potential customers, conduct more interviews for new hires, and focus on growing the business. 

Customers will also deeply appreciate fast, consistent, and reliable service that’s easy to engage. And more satisfied customers means more growth!

How Field Service Software Helps You Grow

  • Simple for the Customer: Walkabout Software helps customers to easily apply payments in-person for any work scheduled through our software while the tech is still in the home. With the My Walkabout app, techs can now accept credit card numbers on a phone or tablet with the built-in credit card API (through our payment processor). They can also email or print invoices instantly, right in the field, keeping customers satisfied and jobs on track.
  • Easier for the Tech: A cloud-based application frees up your techs to move between desktops, tablets, and smartphones at will. Technicians will have access to schedules, dispatch communications, and all information collected during intake calls right in the palm of their hands. Better yet, they’ll be able to upload photos, info, notes, or new requests while still out on the job. This streamlines each job and makes sure there’s no miscommunication to cause unwanted delays.
  • Faster in the Office: With Walkabout, every member of your growing team has access to the same real-time info. Real-time field service software lets you quickly see what’s been completed, where each technician is, who’s available, and make smart adjustments on the fly. Walkabout uses a drag and drop scheduler with a visual map — all on one page — for optimal efficiency. Schedule new jobs while customers are still on the phone and get right to work.
  • Less Overhead: A cloud-based app erases costly overhead for in-house server maintenance, IT setup, and other expenses. Since Walkabout is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, you’re also saving on equipment costs for additional computers or laptops — you may be able to use devices your team already owns and uses every day.
  • Consistent and Efficient: One approach would be to invest in dispatcher software, route planning software, inventory control software, and other narrow tools for each aspect of your business. The best field service software platforms do it all under one roof. Run your whole business from your pocket and keep a single source of truth on everything from payment processing and purchase orders to photo documentation and entering warranty claims.

Walkabout Grows With You

A growing business won’t stay small forever. Transitioning all of your processes over to an entirely new system as you grow can be a pain. Luckily, you can get a step ahead of the game and save yourself a few headaches with field service software designed to expand with your business. 

Walkabout helps you keep all customer information manageable, in one place, while automatically tracking the activities of a growing list of contacts. You can track enrollments in maintenance programs, email subscriptions, future service requests, and maintain full service histories and more. We designed our user-friendly suite of tools to support a squad of technicians and a full-time office staff.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about what Walkabout can do for your business today. Our straightforward platform streamlines every aspect of field service management, saving you time and money and helping your business to grow.

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