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3 Features To Look For In Software For Field Service Management

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Colan Beare
software for field service management

There wasn’t always such a thing as software for field service management. Once upon a time, we used whiteboards crammed with text and color-coded by technician to lay out busy service schedules. It mostly worked as long as no customers fell through the cracks (and the cleaning crew didn’t accidentally erase it). Try as we may, those are days we won’t soon forget.

Field service software has thankfully transitioned all that into a more secure and shareable digital world. The cloud-based software of today is a step up, but not all FSM software is user-friendly or compatible with everything on your plate. The best options are designed to make your life easier, prevent miscommunication, and keep customers happy.

If you’ve been evaluating software for field service management, here are the three features you should make a top priority:

The Best Field Service Management Software Is...

  • ...Available Wherever You Are

Field service software is no use if you can’t easily use it in the field. Today’s cloud-based solutions give you the power to access your system from anywhere — and preferably on any device. Look for a system that puts an end to the re-keying of data and syncs your field team with your office team in real-time. The cloud cuts down on costs for maintaining servers, extensive IT setup (and maintenance), and all the other administrative expenses that come along with them.

Walkabout is more than just another cloud-based software for field management. We designed our system to make it easy to move freely between desktops, tablets, and smartphones with perfect continuity. Your techs in the field will be able to access notes collected from your CSR during intake, record a customer’s request for a future visit while still in the home, collect and apply in-person payments with our credit card API, and even email invoices on the go. And they can do it all on their phones. Back in the office, everything is synced up — the CSR can already see everything done in the field and quickly adjust the day’s jobs when things are running late or finishing early.

  • ...Easy to Learn & Use

There’s no sense in moving past the whiteboard if you’re just doing the same thing, but with a mouse and keyboard. Software for field service management should streamline and automate tasks, but never at the cost of being intuitive or easy to use.

Walkabout can engage every aspect of your business—from payment processing to scheduling and inventory management—through the familiar format of a mobile app on your phone. You’re essentially already trained before you even click the icon for the first time. Our Android & iOS app is as easy as surfing the web. The straightforward design lets you see where you want to go at a glance and organizes everything in ways you’ll understand. After all, it was created by servicers, for servicers.

When you want to learn how to do even more, Walkabout offers a convenient collected Knowledge Base full of guided tutorials, help videos, and FAQs to show you the ropes and set you on your way. Every field service management app that makes the grade with your evaluators must be easy to learn.

  • ...Flexible in the Field

A disjointed suite of software tools may even be more work than doing things on paper. On the other hand, a more flexible software for field service management becomes an extension of the team in the field and a single source of truth back in the office.

Walkabout Software includes key features for all aspects of appliance service management. You’ll be able to look up inventory, see the day’s calls (or upcoming calls!), make purchase orders, receive payments, design custom schedules, and book or schedule work quickly, all in just a few clicks.

What Will You Do With the Time You Save?

A streamlined, modern software for field service management has the power to put hours back in your day. When the platform you select has tools for every aspect of your business, the potential efficiency gains are everywhere. 

With Walkabout, you can auto-generate warranty claims after each call is closed, use a real-time visual map to select the closest tech for the job quickly, or sync your invoicing information with Quickbooks in a snap (with no manual data entry required). The result? More time to work on growing your business. 

Reach out today and our friendly team will be happy to share more about the capabilities and conveniences of a field service management software designed for today!

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