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How to Use Customer Management to Provide World-Class Service

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Colan Beare
customer service representative on the phone

Customers are the core of any business, which is why so many companies pride themselves on providing world-class customer service. But how can a company provide the best service possible? Enthusiastic staff and fast response times are part of it, of course, but the key to leveling up your business’s customer service is utilizing customer management.

What is Customer Management?

Customer management, also sometimes referred to as contact management, is a method of organizing and servicing customers via an organizational software program such as a piece of field service management software. A customer management system will allow you to organize your customers’ details—including their addresses, contact information, equipment, and service history—in one accessible location.

How Does it Help Customer Service?

Customer management benefits customer service in more than one way.

For one thing, it allows a business to provide more personalized service. If a customer calls in, your CSR could take their name and immediately pull up their entire service history. Your customers will be able to tell that your staff knows who they are. A customer who feels that they’ve been remembered and treated like a person who needs assistance rather than as a source of revenue will appreciate that experience.

For another, it allows your staff to service them more quickly and effectively. Your CSRs won’t need to obtain all of a customer’s details every time they call in and your field service technicians will be able to easily familiarize themselves with a customer’s service history prior to arriving at the call. Your customers will perceive your staff as more responsive, knowledgeable, and capable.

What are its Other Benefits?

Contact management is highly useful for business endeavors such as email marketing. When you have an organized record of each customer and all their pertinent information, you’re able to provide them with offers, services, incentives, and marketing materials that are most relevant to them. This can improve the effectiveness of your business’s marketing efforts.

What Should You Look For in a Contact Management System?

When selecting a piece of field service management software to implement, review its customer management tools for these specific offerings.

Merging duplicates

When you transfer all of your customer data into your new system, you may find that you have duplicate contacts due to past ineffective recordkeeping. A good customer management system will allow you to easily merge duplicate contacts without losing any information from either of the record’s service history or other details.

Easy editing

Inevitably, you and your staff will need to update contact information within your new management system. When you need to perform functions such as adding a new customer, editing an existing contact’s information, or updating a customer’s address, you want a contact management tool that allows easy editing and navigation.

Searchable database

Not only do you need a database of contacts available for you to sift through, but you also need to be able to easily search up your clients. Ensure that your new contact management system not only offers a search function but that its search function is intelligent and easy to use.

With Walkabout’s contact management system and field service management software, you get all of these features, plus built-in AR, the ability to enroll contacts in regularly scheduled maintenance, service notifications sent to customers via text or email, and more!

If you’re interested in exploring the expansive functionality of Walkabout’s field service management software, book a demo with us today!

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